Zurich airport to Vaz-Obervaz

Transfer from: 
Approx route length: 
150 km
Approx travelling time: 
2 h
Price from: 
260.00 €

Low cost passenger airport taxi transfers from Zurich Airport (ZRH) (Kloten) to Vaz-Obervaz.

Simply use the QUICK QUOTE generator, select your flight arrival and departure time, check the price and follow the simple steps to make your booking in only a couple of minutes. No hidden fees!
Hints for the best price quotes:

  • weekday prices are usually lower than weekend prices. Saturdays usually have the highest prices. 
  • very early and evening transferts usually are better priced.

Once you complete your booking you can relax in the knowledge that your transfer will be waiting for you on arrival at Zurich airport. This saves you time and stress trying to find a taxi at Zurich airport to take you on to resort.


Vaz/Obervazis vast mass of land known for its reserved resorts. Hidden from prying eyes, Vaz/Obervaz leads a quiet tourism experience to visitors when they come during the winter. The resort village was formerly occupied by a nomad-style of people, but today they had their nomadic ways and settled instead. The locals mostly speak Romansh and German. Most of Vaz/Obervaz resorts are health resorts unlike others in the Swiss community. The Funi track, museum, and the house of TgeaKesslar are some of Vaz/Obervaz’s tourist attractions. Despite its quiet nature, the village still attracts lots of visitors, especially during the winter season. Alpinbus provides taxi services from the Zurich airport to Vaz/Obervaz at affordable rates. 


Useful information about Zurich Airport - Vaz Obervaz transfers
Zurich airport passenger terminal complex is split into different 'check ins', 'arrivals' and 'departure docks/gates'. There are 2 arrivals, but you can walk between them in a few minutes. Official Zurich airport site here


If your pick-up is in Zurich airport
Arrival pickup time - driver will track your flight arrival time (according to your flight number you provided) and wait you in arrivals.


If your pick-up is in Vaz Obervaz
Departure pickup time - tailored to your flight time. For transfers from resort to airport we aim to get you to the airport around 2 hours before your flight departs. 


In winter season Saturdays are the most bussy days for passenger transfers with most heavy traffic. Therefore for these days it is necessary to count at least an hour more in transfer time compared to week days transfers.

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